Best metal copa suppliers is an indigenous distinctive mining organization enrolled and working since 1989 and has some expertise in mining of non-ferrous metal like gold and managing essentially in gold residue and gold bars. We possess and control a few mining locales in mining networks of the Eastern Region of Cameroon, particularly the town of Bertoua.

Before the revelation of six new gold fields where in Cameroon in 2012, there were just nine essential gold mining fields in Cameroon that were enormous enough to be broadly viewed as gold fields and best metal copa suppliers alone possessed four of them.

Being one of the esteemed mining organizations in Cameroon to completely take an interest in the perspectives and activities of the Artisan Mining Support and Promotion Framework (CAPAM), an outfit made by government to channel gold into the standard of mechanical creation, best metal copa suppliers held a high need position in the scramble of those newfound gold fields lastly obtained unlimited licenses to three, raising the quantity of her gold mining fields to seven.

Today, with the revelation and securing of increasingly gold mining fields in Cameroon we possess 24 mining destinations and tallying, keeping up a limit and the capacity to fulfill your gold residue need on week by week or month to month premise, in view of the acquiring intensity of purchasers just as their fulfillment with our legally binding concurrence with different clients around the globe. Should you be intrigued, we might want you to show by reaching us for exchange. The stock is situated inside the Cameroonian city, Bertoua Cameroon. You may likewise go about as an intermediary or operator in sourcing for genuine purchasers on a commission premise from us.